Paolo Maldini’s Loyalty For AC Milan

All people know about the Legend, Paolo Maldini’s loyalty for AC Milan. He was a great football player. Now, he is not a football player anymore. He has already retired but he continues to love his previous club. Paolo Maldini and AC Milan are related to each other. All people in the world now can see Paolo Maldini’s loyalty to AC Milan and it is of course cannot be doubted. Since wrestling the world of football at an early age, the Italian nationality, Paolo Maldini has always played football with the Rossoneri. Now, he decides to continue and gives what he can do to his beloved club. He wants to give a positive contribution to the world of football by taking an important role in his lovely club.

We can’t doubt the Maldini Dynasty inside of the AC Milan club. The Maldini family dynasty in AC Milan can be seen and it was established since Cesare played for the team in 1954 up to 1996. Paolo Maldini then continued his father’s career too as a football player in the range of 1978 and he decided to retire in 2009. When Maldini decided to stop playing football, it didn’t mean that the dynasty ended too. Now, the dynasty was continued by Paolo’s son, Daniele.

After retiring as a football player in AC Milan, Paolo Maldini did move away from AC Milan. He tried to build a new career with a new club. He even became one of the owners of the Miami FC club in 2015. However, he couldn’t reject his love for his beloved AC Milan club. This big love made his return to AC Milan as club officials in 2018 when he was invited to join by Elliott Management.

Paolo Maldini is now still taking an important role in AC Milan. He is appointed as AC Milan Technical Director. There are some rumors when Maldini comes to AC Milan and is chosen as AC Milan Technical Director. The role was rumored because at the same time Zvonimir Boban was fired from the position of Director of Football in AC Milan too. Because of his loyalty to AC Milan Club, Paolo Maldini has claimed that he only wanted to work for AC Milan. He tried to work with another club but he failed several times. He said that working with heart can only be done when he is in the right place and the right place that he wants is working with AC Milan.

He only works as a director for AC Milan. He will not do it in another club. As a director, he must be above everything. He commits to develop AC Milan better than when he played with AC Milan. He is ready anytime to work and think of all things with this great club, He is now 51 years old and he still has a big spirit to work with his beloved AC Milan club. We can wait for the contribution and Paolo Maldini’s loyalty for AC Milan in the future. All people hope that AC Milan can become the best club not only in Italian League but in the world.