Gianluca Vialli Shares His Pancreatic Cancer Experience

Gianluca Vialli has a great football career. He won the FA Cup as a player with Chelsea. He did the same achievement but as a manager with Chelsea. Vialli also has football experience in Serie A in which he played with Juventus. During his years as a football player, he has a healthy lifestyle with a tight exercise schedule. The bad news is that Gianluca Vialli is suffering from pancreatic cancer in his 55. The good news is that the cancer is clear now. He said it in his new book launching. In his book entitled Goals: Inspirational Stories to Help Tackle Life’s Challenges, Vialli said that he wrote the book during his illness. The shocking part is when he said that suffering from cancer was his fault. This is not the first time he suffers from pancreatic cancer. 

Gianluca Vialli diagnosed pancreatic cancer before 2018. He won the battle and recovered in 2018. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the end of his sorrow. He had to deal with this disease again in 2019. He had to take all the treatments for 17 months to battle with pancreatic cancer. Gianluca Vialli seems to be as strong as when he was a football player. He achieved his second success to defeat cancer. He was free from pancreatic cancer on 13 April 2020. One of the reasons why he wrote the book is that he has to write his wills in case he didn’t make it. The most powerful energy and motivation to fight against his cancer is his surroundings. He has a great wife, daughters, friends, and people who like him that send their prayers and positive energy for him. One of his biggest motivations is that he wants to appear in front of millions of football fans. Vialli also said that it is better to tell your health condition to the one you trust. It helps to overcome the bad condition. Just what Vialli said that his condition was because of his fault. He didn’t tell anybody and covered it up. After a few months, he started to lose weight, hair, and eyebrows. Because of his condition, he had to take chemotherapy for eight months and radiotherapy for six weeks. 

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Gianluca Vialli started his debut in Italy at Cremonese, a local football team in northern Italy. He had a good career and played for Sampdoria and Juventus. Vialli also played for Chelsea as well as the head coach of this team. During his time with Chelsea, Gianluca Vialli scored 21 goals. He got 58 appearances in the Premier League. Then, he managed the club between 1998 and 2000. One of his achievements is when Vialli helped Chelsea won the FA cup in 1997. Gianluca Vialli ended the interview with BBC Radio 5 by saying that he is so lucky. He got everything he needs since he was a kid and until he became a head coach. Vialli has been through a lot of fantastic moments in the football industry. Luckily that he can survive from pancreatic cancer. sbobet online terpercaya